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Delivered by our Rockstar Team for one flat fee without ANY upsells, hourly billings, or long term contracts – GUARANTEED.
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Brands We’ve Worked With

We help agencies, businesses, and ecommerce solve their writing concerns.

Get unlimited quality content and copy from professional copywriters for a flat monthly rate. We serve agencies, businesses, and ecommerce solve their writing woes.
AI empowered

High Quality Copy

from sales letters, to organic posts, to web page copy — should not be difficult. Or time-consuming. Or expensive.


Boost Conversions

and keep the most of your profits, with a dedicated full-time copywriter in your backpocket.


Highly Trained Copywriters for Research and Copy Assembly

100% managed, no freelancers Choose between US and  Hong Kong timezone


Easy Plan Activation

Easy autopay process. No hidden costs and fees.


Innovative Solutions + Growth

We consistently train our team with the best practices, algorithm updates, competitor benchmarking, and strategize for copy that always improves. Whatever is on trend (and is a good fit), we’ll hop on it and find a way to write it on behalf of your brand.


100% Managed

Even with a dedicated copywriter, you have the support of our growth team so nothing comes amiss. So relax, take a breather. With a copywriter on your team. You’ll never run out of good, high-converting copy again.

How it Works

Group 23307

Start a project

Our easy to use project management dashboard lets you quickly submit writing projects. Feel free to attach any reference material you’d like us to look through.

Our copywriter
starts working

The Copy Geeks writer will start working on your project. Your project goes through a quality audit before submitted to you. 

Our team is made up of copywriters with various
specializations, ensuring the best possible results for your project.

Note: The client is recommended to purchase a grammar check app/ writing software and provide access to the copywriter.

Group 23368

Review the copy

Initial drafts and revisions are typically sent out within 24 hours of request. Check your project on our project management dashboard to stay on top of approvals and any other revisions you’d like to make.

If you aren’t happy with the material just yet, don’t worry. You could ask for as many revisions as you need. Our job is only done when you’re happy with the work!

Final Turnover

Got the copy that you want? Awesome! Once you give us the two thumbs up, you may deploy the final copy as needed. Just head over to your project management dashboard, mark it ‘approved’, and we’ll leave you a link to the final copy of project files. Nice and easy!

Group 23367

Unlimited Copy

Unlimited Content


You can always choose writers from freelancing sites. However, our clients chose Copy Geeks because they wanted to eliminate the hiring and selection process. Additionally, writers from freelancing sites are specifically focused on one type of writing service only. With Copy Geeks, you can have access to writers of different writing expertise – less the hiring headache.

If you have AI tools you want our writers to use, we’re all in. Our writers are trained to use AI tools. We believe that our writers plus AI tools can help create high-quality copy or content for you.

However, if you prefer not to use any AI tool, then we won’t push for it.

Yes. You can submit an unlimited number of writing projects, and we’ll get to them as soon as we can. Once a project is completed, we’ll move on to the next one in your list. We make sure to deliver your projects on time.
We can write about pretty much anything except very technical or advanced topics. Aside from the research that our writers do, we love clients who provide previous great work and swipe files so we can understand the project better. If we have questions, our writers will ask questions to you right away.

We work on your project as soon as you submit your request on our project management dashboard. We strive to get your project back to you within 1-3 business days, depending on complexity or the amount of work you have requested.

For example, Social Media Captions for 30 Posts may take 4 hours to complete the draft. You can expect this project to be submitted to you in one day. If you requested for a 1,500-word SEO blog, you can expect this project to take about 2 days.

Writing, while very fulfilling, can be exhausting. We provide deliverables from Monday to Friday. We allow our writers to rest during weekends, and we follow our client’s holidays. If holidays are coming, we encourage you to send in your requests months or weeks before.

Remember, we provide unlimited revisions. Just put your feedback and instructions on our project management dashboard and our writers will work on it.
We use Google Document or Microsoft Word so you can access and use it anywhere.

We thought you never asked! Email us at We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Here’s Some of Our Raving Clients

Pricing Plan

Group 23335

$1995 a month

Note: The client will cover all necessary online writing tools or software.

Group 23335

$1995 a month

Note: The client will cover all necessary online writing tools or software.

$0000 a month

Note: The client will cover all necessary online writing tools or software.

Group 23370

Let Us Start Writing Copy for You.

Imagine your advertising, social media, and content marketing problems solved because you have a dedicated full-time copywriter doing all the writing for you. A loyal self-starter copywriter with high standards you don’t have to train or manage? Yes, it’s possible.